Repeat Business Is The Best Business

Robert Boehnlein and his wife Dr. Jennifer Boehnlein are the owners of Columbus Aero Service LLC. (CAS) Robert has been maintaining light aircraft since he earned his A&P in 1979 after attending Southern Illinois University’s aviation technology program. Robert holds an Airframe and Powerplant license and an Inspection Authorization. Robert held a Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) for several years.

CAS is a closely held small business, with the main focus being affordable high quality service for all aviators . A strong belief in the value of good preventative maintenance is held, and the crew will go the extra mile each and every time they look at an aircraft. Whether the aircraft needs a landing light replaced or is in for an annual inspection, if something seems out of place or is a potential problem the aircraft owner will know about it. Aircraft ownership is not cheap, and owner awareness and fairness in billing are high on the shop priority list. Repeat business is the best business.

Robert has been in aviation maintenance since 1978 after earning his Airframe and Power plant certificate at Southern Illinois University. He has managed shops as large as 100 mechanics and as small as two, maintaining everything from Cessna 150s to Gulfstreams. General aviation has always been his first love. More than anything, flight safety and customer well-being are his main concerns. He was the author of Dallas Air Motive’s repair station manual at PDK and was the Chief Inspector. He has worked closely with the FAA as a DAR. He has been the Director of Maintenance for Lowe Aviation, Flight International, Southeastern School of Aeronautics, and Shop Foreman at many other operations over the years.